What is the Azure Consumption Commitment Benefit and how does it work?

ChatGPT says:

Azure Consumption Commitment is a benefit that allows customers to commit to a certain level of Azure consumption over a 12-month period, in exchange for a discounted rate on their Azure consumption. The benefit is available to customers with an Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA), and is intended to help customers save money on their Azure consumption costs by committing to a certain level of consumption for a year.

To use the Consumption Commitment benefit, customers must first create a consumption plan, which sets the consumption commitment level and the associated discount rate. Customers can then use Azure services and resources up to the consumption commitment level, and will be charged the discounted rate for their consumption. If the customer’s consumption exceeds the commitment level, they will be charged the standard pay-as-you-go rates for the additional consumption.

It’s important to note that the Consumption Commitment benefit can only be used for certain Azure services, and it also have prerequisites like having EA agreement in place and minimum commitment level to be met.

PROS says:

Are you a PROS customer who also uses Microsoft products and services? If so, we have some exciting news for you!

Microsoft has recently introduced a new way of paying for their products and services – the Azure Consumption Commitment Benefit (MACC). And the best part? PROS is now “Azure Benefits Eligible,” which means that you can apply your SaaS subscription dues towards your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment.

But what exactly does this mean? Essentially, Microsoft now allows customers to use their MACC funds to purchase other Microsoft products and services, effectively turning MACC into Microsoft currency. And with the private Azure marketplace, organizations can manage and control which Microsoft partner solutions can be purchased and deployed.

This is great news for PROS customers who are looking to optimize their use of Microsoft products and services. By taking advantage of the MACC program, you can save money and streamline your payments, all while gaining access to a wide range of Microsoft solutions.

So if you’re a PROS customer, be sure to explore the possibilities of the Azure Consumption Commitment Benefit and see how it can benefit your organization.